Day 2 of school

I biked to school at 7 am. and arrived back around 3 pm.  I had to choose between going for a run, eating lunch or studying.  I opted to eat lunch and organize myself a little.  Day 2 of school, homework has been assigned, professors are roaring to go and I am overwhelmed already.  I am still trying to adjust classes/schedule, study without books, and figure out why I am short on time already?

In Microbiology, my professor has turned her in-person class to a very tech oriented class.  I feel as if I should bring a laptop to class.  Her lectures are powerpoints, available on the course management system. Assignments are graded online.  She has gone so far as to offer a text message program to remind us of course work due.  I might be of an older era student, but I do not want my professor sending me text messages that say, hello, your assignment has been posted, go check it out.  I opted out of that service.

I miss my Anatomy instructor and her non tech class.  She used acetates on an overhead projector and wrote her lecture on a dry erase board.  She was of the mindset, it is best to write your own notes by hand for muscle memory.  I would like an instructor that could meet me in between these extremes.

My Physiology professor is very alert at 8 am.  He said he gets to school around 6 am. and needs us to be awake at 8 am.  I woke up at 6 am and rode my bike to school at 7 am.  Looks like I’ll have to get up earlier or start drinking caffeine.  He told us there are 600 students in physiology this semester.  Physiology is unlike Anatomy.  This class seems to be heavy on research and writing.

In lab today, we had an interesting get to know you table assignment.  A question for me, name 3 visible characteristics.  My table-mate said, freckles, short hair and big brown eyes.  I thought the big brown eyes was a nice comment and no one has ever said that to me before.  I went home and starred in the mirror.  It’s not that I have big eyes, but I have very clear large brown pupils.  Next question, name 3 invisible characteristics to share with the group.  I said, I am sure, I was probably a dictator in a former life.  I owe my great karma in this life to all the previous lives who did good deeds to make me blessed in this life.  I ride my bike everywhere.  I wonder if that was oversharing.


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