To Tiburon and back

I wanted to stretch my legs a little.  I wanted to be outside on my last day before school starts.

I found some girls to ride with in the morning from a Meet-Up group.  The scheduled ride was a 45 mile loop from SF to Tiburon and back, with a total ascent of 2,350 feet, (add a few miles from home), I’d say it was a 50 mile day.  

Sometimes, I wish I had a moderation button.  50 miles was a little far for me.  I came home, wanting to order pizza and eat salty potato chips, neither of which I did, probably more out of laziness than desire.  Instead, I ate soup and a salad conveniently located in my fridge.

I have this urge right now to be strong and healthy.  Possibly, fearful, for my first day of Archery, tomorrow.  I don’t have any arm muscles to pull a bow and arrow.  I’m not even sure what to wear to class, at the archery range?  Are we going to stand in the rain for 2 hours in the wet grass?

I am nervous about my other classes too.  Fearful for the volume of work that lies ahead:  Microbiology with lab, physiology with lab, archery and possibly statistics in the evening.  (13 units) 17 class time hours x 2 = 34 hours studying outside of class, 24 hours of working.

If I can manage statistics with my course load, then I will have the summer free and will be able to travel.  I’m thinking Africa or a Spanish speaking country for an extended period of time, maybe volunteering too.

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