How much is $25,000 worth to you?


I spent the day researching nursing graduate schools. I have been advised to apply to a location where I may want to consider living. I love living near the mountains, the ocean, the easy access to the outdoors, and an international airport. Like this cartoon, I do not want to live in a place where the air hurts my face.

I’m not quite ready to leave San Francisco, but there are many reasons to leave, like affordable living. The fantasy of affording to live in a place on your own is unimaginable here, unless you make a lot of money and want to spend all your earnings on rent, or you win the affordable housing lottery or your third option, to date someone and move in with them to lower your rent. For all these reasons, I’d consider leaving SF.

I likely will go to school for 2 years, work for 1 year, then be eligible for opportunities abroad. I can’t study abroad either. International tuition is 3x more than a local resident.

How much is $30,000 to you? It becomes just a number at some point. The deadline to apply to Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. is February 1. If admitted, I would start school in the fall. The price tag to attend is $90,000 for two years.  I also need to submit a video interview.

The next option, wait until the fall to apply to San Francisco State University, if admitted, start school in January 2017. Price tag is $65,000 for two years. Another school option in Seattle, with a start date of summer 2017, $80,000+.

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