Back in San Francisco

I’m slightly horrified to admit that I brushed my hair today with a hair brush after three weeks of traveling without one. I made some odd decisions on what I thought was extra weight when I packed for the trip. I thought I could sort of brush my hair with my hands and that would suffice. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have done anything differently in my packing, except bring waterproof river type bags with me on the Inca trail hike and maybe I could have bought a smaller travel size hairbrush. I’m also thinking I might want to try an inflatable pillow for camping. I brought one for my brother on this trip and it looked very comfortable. There really isn’t a reason you can’t have a pillow. It’s light weight, inflatable and doesn’t take up much space.

New things to buy for travel, I think I might buy a MacBook Air. In traveling this time around, there are no longer convenient places where you can sit in front of a computer. Everyone provides wi-fi but now the expectation is you have your own device(s). I don’t really like the iPad because I like a keyboard for typing notes, booking traveling while reading the fine print, writing reviews, etc. As much as I like my iPhone, I think it’s time to return to a camera. The quality is better and I’m looking forward to seeing all the pictures my brother and John took on their cameras. I will post as soon as they share.

It was an excellent three weeks away and I am ready to start the spring semester.

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