Nesting turtles at Playa Grande

The experience of watching a turtle nest her eggs was incredible. The turtle releases many different hormones that allows her body to focus all her energy on giving birth to 45-100 eggs. Only 1 in 1000 eggs will survive. She gives birth every 3-4 years. In her abdomen, there is a cut, when she is done laying eggs and returns to sea, she picks up the chemical environment of the beach, and biologically knows to return to this beach. These turtles can travel as far as California to Ecuador. There are up to eight turtle sightings a night, during the nesting season. The land is protected for these special turtles who are diminishing every day. I said a little prayer and hope some of her babies make it.  

The driver said if you wait until after Monday, there will no longer be traffic in Tamarindo. The lodging demand is so high here that our hostel charges $25 a night for sleeping in the common space in a hammock. There is no relief from mosquitoes in that space. I am paying the most I have ever paid for a hostel, $50 a night and tomorrow $40 a night. The front desk attendant said Oct-Nov are experienced seasonal travelers and Nov-Jan are young people who want to party. I can attest to that, coming back from turtle watching, everyone who is staying in the dorm rooms were playing beer pong.  
As a side note, I am completely happy I stayed in the town of El Castillo, which was rustic, like a Napa farmhouse instead of in the La Fortuna, the neighboring town. La Fortuna makes me think of what a apocalyptic Detroit might look like, depressing, flat and dogs rummaging through the trash left on the street for food.    

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