Pura vida

My Gore-tex jacket is not very useful here. It would have been better to have my lightweight rain jacket. The rain is warm and it rains heavily for a few minutes often throughout the day. It doesn’t taper off, just completely stops. Then sometime later it rains heavily again and repeats.  
I don’t think we will have a good view of the volcano today. It is cloudy and overcast but a good slower hike day to this fast paced vacation. I have been to the airport 13 times in less than three weeks. Some say it’s better to visit a country slowly at leisure, but when I have limited time, I often want to see as much as I can. I might never return. There are so many other countries in the world to visit and experience. 


One Comment

  1. Nice photos. June and I have visited some of the places you have gone. We enjoy CR a great deal, been there 6 times, great place for a photographer.


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