Lake Arenal

I surprisingly enjoyed mashing the falafels into the bowl with my fists. The chef asked me in Spanish, why mine were falling apart and if I had put flour in them? I said I did and she added another spoonful of flour and took my bowl away from me. She used her hands and mashed them some more then gave it back to me, satisfied they were better.
Tonight we are staying at a hostel that is slightly different. It has 22 acres of land, much of which we explored this afternoon. We walked to the highest point on the main road and saw grand views of lake Arenal and the volcano.  
I wasn’t excited about staying here when we arrived. Disheartened that it is 30 mins from the volcano and 45 mins from the main town but I warmed up to the place after we prepped dinner with other guests. Tomorrow we visit the volcano then Jan. 1 travel to the beach/coast to see endangered leatherback turtles and maybe my first surf lesson.   


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