Hiking in the clouds

I saw the biggest pig ever today. I am told, these pigs are not for consumption so they are allowed to grow large. Rosita and the less friendly, Roberto are four years old. Their waste is used on the farm for fuel. The pigs digest food, which turns into waste.  The waste is filtered to methane gas to fuel thr farm. The goats waste is used as compost to enrich the soil. Each coffee bean is hand picked, one bushel is approximately $1.90 which is minimum wage. I loved the sustainability of this farm and how part is used to help it grow. The coffee beans are planted side by side with citrus fruits since certain ants will feed on the fruits and not on the coffee beans.  
I saw another sloth again but it just looked like a big brown fuzz ball in a tree.  
Photos: hiking in Monteverde Cloud Forest preserve and the coffee farm.  
Monteverde has been a success.  I enjoyed the ziplining, night hike, the cloud forst hike was ok but expensive admission and the coffee farm tour was educational.  Tomorrow to Lake Fortuna and Arenal volcano.  





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