Zip lining in a cloud forest, Monteverde

The town of Santa Elena is 3 blocks in a triangle but it surprisingly has a lot of life. We had breakfast at the Orchid Cafe where I ordered a typical Costa Rican breakfast, “gallo pinto”(rice, beans, eggs, cheese, avocado). It was very hearty, a little too much food. I also had the recommended pineapple and basil drink, surprisingly very tasty combination.
I read the currency, the colon, is named after Christopher Columbus. I wonder what he did to be honored.
The zip lining today was amazing. I felt like I was soaring in the wind. There was a section in which we had to wait 2 hours because the zip line went slack from the heat/temperature. It was a long zip line, maybe several hundred feet long in which each person zooming down slowed towards the end and got stuck. A staff person had to climb out to the line to pull them in. The staff did this for at least 200 hundred people.  
There was another section they called a Tarzan swing. It was not quite a swing but a free fall, then after falling for a certain depth, it turned into a swing. I have never experienced a free fall (10ft. +). I felt like I was jumping straight off a ledge. My friend said this experience made him never want to bungee jump.  
In the evening we went on a guided night hike in search of nocturnal cloud forest animals. Supposedly we saw a sloth, but all I saw was a furry brown ball in a tree. I did see for the first time a green snake viper, tarantula (poisonous and venomous), several birds that were round and fat… One green fat bird that camouflaged into the leaves, an olingo (it’s a cross between a raccoon and a monkey), spiders and a woodpecker.  


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