Arrived Costa Rica

I can confirm the Costa Rican public bus system is slower than San Francisco’s public bus system. It was not my first option to go this route but our flights arrived in the morning and the shuttle bus to Monteverde was at 3 pm. It would be a wash either way, waiting for the shuttle or taking public transit. The first bus from the airport to downtown Liberia was about 30 minutes, $1 USD. The bus was comfortable but hot. During the afternoon, I think I sweated my body weight. I was purely melting, transferring bus to bus. We then transferred to the bus going to Irma, 2 hours, many stops, approximately $2 USD. At Irma we waited about 2 hours for the one and only bus to Monteverde. The bus was full, locals and foreigners. We traveled approximately 3 hours, 23 miles, $3 USD. Traveling all day, total bus fare $6, compared to the private sedan $150 and 2.5 hours. The shuttle would have been the perfect middle option but it was not at the right time.
The money in Costa Rica is the colon, and it’s confusing because it’s in the 1000’s.  In Peru, the sole is 3 to $1, where as the colon is 1000 to around $2.  I need to brush up on my Spanish numbers.  Saying 10,000 does not come easily.  

Tomorrow zip lining in the cloud forest and hopefully seeing animals like sloths.  

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