Rest day, Lima

We arrived in Lima and I feel like I am in another country, even though we are in the same country. Lima has 1/3 of Peru’s population. It is the second driest city in the world, second to Egypt. It never rains here, even though in the Andes, where I spent the last week, in rained heavily every day. Last night, at 11,000 ft. in Puno, I was wearing my rain jacket, a warm jacket outside and slept under two alpaca wool blankets. In Lima, I should be wearing a sun dress. We had lunch at La Lucha, which is like Shake Shack. My brother had some porky sandwich with sweet potato and I had a veg sandwich. For the afternoon, we walked to the mall, which has all the foreign stores and the movie theater. I went to Pinkberry for a refreshing cool snack and it was the first Pinkberry that did not have mochi or Captain Crunch as toppings, probably only in the US. I am excited for the movie and today’s rest day. Tomorrow travel day/transfer to Panama then to Costa Rica to begin part 2 of vacation.  

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