Inca trail trip summary

The Inca trail was one of the most amazing treks I have ever experienced. Over 4 days, you travel through valleys and over mountains, a total distance of 26 miles – a marathon. You gain and lose an elevation of 11,000 ft., up to 14,000 ft., and down to 8,000 ft. On Day 3, as part of the trail, we hiked down 3000 steps. The weather was mostly heavy rain, so much that my hands were wrinkly, and my clothes, bag and gear almost daily were soaked through. Despite all this, I still loved the experience.  
I felt well supported by the Peru Treks company. We had excellent guides and porters. The porters range from 18-54 years old, 20 in total to support 16 hikers and one cook who made the most amazing popcorn I have ever tasted. The porters are restricted to carry a maximum of 44 lbs. There are various checkpoints to ensure porters are carrying equal weight. They carried our tents, camping food equipment and we paid extra for them to carry 13 lbs of our private stuff which would include a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and change of clothes. The remainder of items you need, you carry yourself in your day bag. I am guessing my bag weighed around 20 lbs since most days I was carrying close to 3 liters of water. The company was a local trekking company that I am now happy to recommend. My money went directly to them instead of an international trekking company that partners with a local company.  
Our group was amazing too. We had 16 people from all around the world, in my same age range, with the exception of two mature 25 year olds Australians, one son who was 15 years old accompanied by his dad. There was a couple from the UK/South Africa, a Irish couple, an Australian couple who were on their 6 week honeymoon via Patagonia, Inca trail, and Cuba; the Israeli brothers from Australia, the son-dad Czech family from Colorado, a Korean couple, and me and my brother. Even though we only spent 4 days together, like all my adventures, I feel like I made good friends for life. I didn’t even need to explore Machu Picchu on our last day, the journey getting there was the most rewarding.  


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