Sacred Valley – Cusco


  Intentionally I did not pack makeup or a hair brush. I did not pack my epi pen or anti-malaria medicine. Although our plans after the trek have not been set, I thought we would not go to the rainforest, especially with miners striking. I figured I would not eat anything that looked like a mango. I did my best to pack only essentials for my carry on luggage. I would have liked to bring more snacks. I had to ration pretty hard and I’m not sure it’s enough so I might be a little hungry on the trail but I figured that would be fine for 4 days.  
Today I learned about Inca burial traditions. The royal family at the Pisac ruins were mummified in their own homes. The royal family after the deceased continued inviting their ancestors to gatherings, like saving a place at the Thanksgiving table for someone deceased. It is a nice tradition to be remembered. 
Photos: (will upload when I have better wifi connection) Pisac ruins, Ollantaytambo, sun temple and Chincheros ruins.

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