First world-ness

It does not matter where I go but I am definitely a “other”. My mannerisms, mostly give me away. I jay walk and I walk quicker than other people. I have not seen a lot of people that look like me, but I have heard them. A Brit asked me today if I was Canadian or American and I wanted to say, really? You don’t know your ascents very well. For me, I think the most obvious indicator of otherness is my first worldness, my gear. You might as well attach a dollar sign on my head. The Gore-tex rain jacket I wear costs more than a local person’s annual salary. The irony that it was probably made in a place like Peru is not lost on me.  
Tomorrow and Friday, I am excited to visit the salt mines and see my first Inca architecture. I hope though not to see people laboring in the salt mines because then I might be sad about eating glorious salt.  
Today was filled with errands in Cusco, booking transportation for trips, going to the bank and getting briefed on our Inca Trail hike. My group will be about 16-20 other clients. The altitude has not been a problem at 11,000 ft. but I feel congestion from the flights and lack of sleep. Hopefully it will go away before The start of our trek.  
Photos: potato chips from real potatoes and this awesome green salty sauce in lieu of table bread, map of our upcoming trek. 


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