4 finals, 12 days until vacation.

Some days, like today, I feel like I am failing as a grown up.  My only job is to be a student.  I am trying really hard to rally, but I am mentally exhausted.  I want the quizzing and testing to stop.  This is the last week of class, next week finals.  I thought after two days off for Thanksgiving, I might feel refreshed for my Monday exam, but I only studied the day before and didn’t/couldn’t study enough.  I did poorly as expected due to the effort given.  I almost want to apologize to my professor and say it’s not you, it’s me.  I’m sorry I’m not paying enough attention anymore.  Today when handing back the exams, he addressed the class and said those of you are who are failing, you should try your best with the remainder of the class and retake it when you have more focus.  He wasn’t looking at me, but I could feel the sting.

In Anatomy, our teacher posted our current grades (without names), everyone is at a B, D, or F.  There are only 2 A’s in the class.



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