A part of me, I think belongs in another era, someone destined to live off the land. I have been searching for new hobbies, and I came across interesting foraging workshops. One was collecting seaweed from the incoming tide, and another was foraging for mushrooms in the forest. I don’t actually like mushrooms that much and it seems kind of like eating bacteria to me. Especially learning not to eat the ones that are toxic and will poison you.
Next semester, I have enrolled in archery, along with physiology and I am waitlisted for microbiology. Archery meets once a week to shoot targets, with a bow and arrow in Golden Gate Park. I am hoping the class will force me to focus on strengthening my rotator cuff muscles, the ones still injured from last year’s bike-car accident. The muscles and ligaments remain very weak and I haven’t put in the time to make them strong and healthy again. Hopefully scheduled class time is the dedication I need. Or I can learn skills that will be useful for a zombie apocalypse. I’ve never watched any zombie shows, but that is what I am told. Or maybe it might be interesting to hunt, like Katniss Everdeen.
I know I am a vegetarian but I have been captivated by the last few weeks labs by dissecting a sheep’s brain, eyeball and heart. I was most intrigued by removing the pericardium from the heart. It was like a knitted sweater for the heart. I think it might be interesting to hunt, but I suppose it would be problematic if I didn’t want to eat it.  
I’d also like to learn tying ropes to climb mountains better.  
After my arm gets better I can enroll in circus classes. I really want to try aerial arts (hanging upside down from ropes). These are the goals for 2016. I am considering all things local-SF, just in case it might be time to leave after the spring for graduate school.

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