Passage of time

Is there not a quiet car on Cal Train? I could strangle the guy talking about “me and my team” or the other guy shouting into his phone about deadlines. I tried to give them dirty looks but they are too far away to see me under my sunglasses. I don’t care if they are saving time by having work calls on the train, they are distracting me from my pleasurable reading. This hour on the train is my time to read something other than Chemistry or Anatomy. They are disturbing my reading time with Amy Poehler’s funny memoir, “Yes Please”.  
In her memoir, she writes she is young and old at the same time. I feel the same way. A few strands of my hair have turned white. They have reached the end of their life cycle and decided to no longer have pigmentation. The hair is still strong and healthy but has no color. Interesting how hair at this new year of me turning one year older, intuitively decided it was time to change.  

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