It rained today.

I woke up, heard the rain and got very excited. It means it is a rain boots day. I haven’t worn my fire engine red rain boots in probably over a year due to the drought in California. I love wearing my rain boots because it makes me feel invincible to puddles. Really mature, I know, but I love stepping in puddles. I don’t jump in them but like stepping in them. Sadly, by mid morning the sun was shining and there were no more puddles.  

I started looking at classes for the spring semester and I am not sure which schedule is less terrible… Microbiology with lab, Human Physiology with lab. Option 1: Tues and Thurs full day classes, 9-5 no breaks. Option 2: M-F everyday classes, starting at 8 am but ending by noon-ish. I am leaning towards Option 2, because it means I can manage studying a little better and I can take archery class. I’m not sure what you learn to shoot, but I like the idea of learning to use a bow and arrow.  


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