Type A – time urgency

Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost my mind. Does anyone else plan their vacations with excel spreadsheets? I know the answer to my question is probably only a few of you, and those are likely my dear friends. I’m not even good at excel, but it’s not like I’m making pie charts, just tracking information.

It’s been a while since I have planned a trip like this. It was really glorious when I freely traveled south east Asia, on a whim, deciding which country to visit next, without a time frame. Now with only a few weeks off between semesters, I have a limited amount of time and an urgency to see the most. I like to make every minute count. I get up early and have transportation planned or know how I am getting from point A to point B to maximize time. There is little aimlessness. I think it comes down to my serious phobia of wasting time. I have two days on the itinerary that are not planned, called Beach Day. Although, I have in my mind, I’ll take a surf lesson if the weather is nice.

I feel slightly bad for the accommodation in Monteverde, I emailed asking them for a student discount and to help me book the adventures in the Cloud Forest. I’m sure it is not a big deal, but if I went through each vendor, it would have been time consuming and I wouldn’t have received the better rate. I’ll remember to bring them a gift for their help. I also realize, in almost every situation in my life, I tell people what to do.

Today, I booked a group study room and when I arrived, my study buddy was waiting outside. I asked her what she was doing and she said passively, “well, there are people in the room and there are not people in the next room.” I said to her, “this is the room I booked. If we sit in the room next door and someone else who booked that room arrives, we will be inconvenienced and have to get up.” I then opened the door and gave the people in the room a look. They promptly packed up and left. I also noted I have a low tolerance for incompetence and inefficiency. I will put it on my new year’s resolution list to learn to be more patient.

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