You have potential for a 6.

My GRE instructor said to me, “you have the potential for a six.” A six is the highest score you can receive on the graded essay exercise of the GRE. It was a nice comment since he did not say it to anyone else in the room.

We did our practice essays for homework and critiqued them in class today. The homework was not timed and we could take all week but, I timed it for 25 minutes to feel like a real writing exercise. Apparently my writing is not great in 25 minutes and I scored a 4.5/5. I learned to get a 6, I will need to outline my thoughts more clearly and have more content in the middle paragraphs. In my practice essay, I didn’t get to the heart of the argument until the conclusion. 4.5/5 is good enough though to get me into graduate school. I only am concerned about the math part of the test. Send happy good math thoughts next Saturday for the real GRE.

In other news, I am securing the details for my travels in December and my travel buddy for Costa Rica said, I want to go to a coffee plantation. I thought to myself, I’ve been to a coffee plantation before… I was thinking which country was I in and who was I with? Was it Chile? Hawaii? No, it was Indonesia. I was traveling with a day tour to drive me around, not traveling with any friends that day. It took me a good long time to remember where and who I was with. Seems ridiculous that I could not remember where and with who. In Anatomy, we are learning about the brain, synapses, connections and memory. Maybe, I need to work on my remembering my long term memories.

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