Accidental Vegan

  Leaving Trader Joe’s, someone asked me to take part in a survey.

Survey person: If you were buying eggs and milk…
Me: I don’t buy eggs and milk.
Oh, you are a vegan.
Me: I didn’t say that I was.
Ok, you are buying toilet paper…
Me: I don’t buy toilet paper at Trader Joe’s, I buy it at Costco.
Ok, you are buying toilet paper at Costco. If there was an app that allowed you to check out faster would you use it?
Me: No, you are presuming it would be faster when it is not. I would have needed to download the app ahead of time then I would have needed to add my personal information to it, all of which would take longer than waiting on a checkout line, no, I would not use the app.

It appears that I give people a hard time.

At Trader Joe’s, I buy salad stuff, nuts, frozen dumplings, and fruit. I try not buy fruit imported from places like Thailand. I think it would be great if there was a grocery store that only had vegetarian items and the food was organized by processed foods over here, food from far away places over here, and food that is produced, grown in the Western United States over here… that would really work for me, and I think the majority of San Francisco. I am not vegan but I don’t buy dairy, eggs or cheese for home. I do however like to eat those things, in the form of cheesecake and omelets outside of home. I didn’t think I was particularly moral or ethical but now and then when someone asks for my opinion, I realize it’s a very strong response.

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