Don’t make anyone cry today…

I should work on being nice. I don’t have a nice filter. My friend says I should use a ten step program, with daily goals, like don’t make anyone cry today, work on empathy, etc.

In our cadaver challenge, one of the girls in my group arrived unprepared. I told her, we set the expectation last week that we would come to class prepared, having memorized our assigned muscle section. Everyone else in our group is prepared today and we are waiting on you. You have two hours to memorize your section. If you can’t do it by then we’ll go next week but I’d rather use our time next lab to study the muscles on the plastic models to prepare for the lab exam which is the following week. There was no negotiation. She started furiously studying.

For the other girls, to test if they were prepared, I handed out worksheets and told them to self assess themselves. After the worksheets, I individually quizzed them. I told them to point to their body and tell me the muscles of the group they were assigned. One girl was unable to do my verbal quiz, so I told her to keep studying. A little while later, she asked for help. I tried to help her memorize her section but she memorized her worksheet but could not identify the same muscles on her body or on the cadaver. She could not apply it. I quizzed our other teammate through the signing interpreter and she was fine. I can count on her.

After the cadaver room, we were given a few minutes to tidy our worksheets before handing them in. One of the girls wanted to write muscles that she forgot but I said that is not fair. We are only allowed to write the muscles we saw in the room. She gave me a look, that questioned me but handed the worksheets back to me. Perhaps, my expectations of other people are too high. I expect in others the same as I expect for myself.

I wasn’t mean but I wasn’t nice either. Being nice takes extra time and I feel I don’t have time for those pleasantries. I’d rather say and do what needs to get done and move on. Through peer pressure, we completed our assignment but in retrospect perhaps I could have achieved the same outcome with a different attitude.

We weren’t the winning team, labeling the most muscles, but I tried my best to make my team prepared. My grade is only as good as our team. We each received 10 points for participation and I received 10 more points as captain. If we were the winning team we would have received 10 more points each. To get an A in this class, you need 600 points, which is added from exams, quizzes, etc.

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