Hammy hamstrings

I want to cry but I don’t have enough energy for it and would rather go to sleep. School, studying, GRE are overwhelming me. I spend hours upon hours studying anatomy, never feeling any mastery but enough to not be lost. Chemistry is taking a hit as I am not spending enough time on it and I wish I would balance the two. Then the GRE is just two weeks away and I haven’t reviewed enough.
There are over 600 muscles in the body and we are expected to memorize all of them. I am trying my make sense of it over memorizing. Hamstrings: the name of this muscle group comes from old butchers’ practice of using tendons to hang hams for smoking. Think of that next time you exercise your hamstrings.
Deltoid is triangular (Greek letter delta). Right and left trapezoid muscles form a a trapezoid.  
Biceps, triceps, quadriceps (two, three, four heads), origins.  
I hope to make it through October. After that point, I will be in the home stretch. I bought plane tickets for December. On the day of my last final, mid December, I am flying to Peru for two weeks, then flying to Costa Rica for another 7-8 days. Back stateside January 5. My reward for the challenging semester.  

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