pumpkin cheesecake

The other day at the grocery store, I bought my usual salad stuffs, fruit, nuts, tofu, then I stopped when I saw pumpkin cheesecake. It was $6. I didn’t need to spend an extra $6 on an non essential item, nor do I need to eat pumpkin cheesecake. The calories alone equal a whole meal.

I love all things pumpkin and it’s the season to eat it. It’s not Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the holiday season that gets me. Everyone complains about over eating during the holidays, the inability to pass on the delicious baked goods, cookies and drinks at the holiday parties. Gaining the winter weight from less exercise during the shorter daylight days.

My downfall is pumpkin season. I like to eat all things pumpkin and I eat them in absurd quantities because the season is so short. I feel like if I don’t eat it all now, I won’t have it during the rest of the year. No self control, none at all. So, it begins, me, eating everything pumpkin, every day until the day after Thanksgiving when it’s gone.

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