Cadaver challenge

I used to think I was a good leader but today, I think I may just be bossy. In lab today our assignment was a skull challenge, resulting in grade points. We had to work in our table group to identify all parts of the skull. I immediately divided the skull and told my lab-mates what we were doing. Of course, I did ask for buy-in, and confirmed they were ok with the plan. My two lab-mates, one is the deaf girl who has an interpreter and the other girl’s first language is Korean and she is studying to be a medical interpreter.

At the end of class, our instructor told us our assignment for next week will be a cadaver challenge, which means, we work in teams and identify as many muscles in the given amount of time. The team with the most muscle groups identified wins (again, more grade points). At the end of class, I told my instructor, I only have 3 people on my team and we need 6. She said she would assign us a few more people. I told her, I don’t want any bad students on my team because I want to win. She said not to worry and she would assign good students to my team. She also said, we would need a captain for each team and I volunteered because in reality, I can’t handle people who lead inefficiently. I don’t have time to waste. As captain, I have to ensure scene safety and make sure no one will pass out or throw up on the cadaver.

We also have to come up with a team name for next week… if you are feeling witty, please send me suggestions, something clever, rhymes, or has to do with anatomy or muscles. I have come up with adjective + muscle group – like darling deltoids, brainy biceps, or my friend said, oblique prospects or abra cadaver.

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