New bike day

At the bike shop, the customer service person asked me if I needed to take a picture of my bike before giving it to him. His question startled me. This will be the last time I will be seeing my bike, Izzy. I composed myself and said, it’s ok, we’ve taken lots of pictures together and biked approximately 20,000 miles together, traveled twice across the country and trained for an ironman. We had some falls but always got back up. I’m ok with it, we’ve had good adventures. Next time, when I return to the shop she will be reincarnated. I held myself together and walked out of the store.  
I try not to be sentimental or have an attachment to objects, but in 5 years, that bike took me places and we experienced and saw so much. She will be missed but I am excited for the new version and for new adventures.
I also bought a new bike, it’s a yellow steel frame by All City, called ths Macho Man – that’s the model name. It will be my daily ride, my commuter and transition to riding baby dirt trails.  I’m not sure what to call her yet but the color makes me feel like it’s a ray of sunshine.  

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