Smarties, are you out there?

I find myself thinking of odd questions in class each day as we learn new topics. We are learning about the skin in Anatomy. I asked two classmates who were seated next to me, my question and when they didn’t have any answers, I waited until after class to ask my instructor what I had been thinking about.

If our skin, on the surface is made up of dead skin cells, why do we moisturize? What is the point of the effort if we are adding lubrication to something that is already dead? If skin cells are dead, how and why does your skin feel dry?

She said, when you exfoliate, you are brushing off the layer of dead skin, exposing the body to the layer below, which is also dead, but the layer under that, the dermis, is alive. It takes about 35 days for regeneration to occur from the dermis layer to reach the epidermis layer, so when you moisturize, some of that lotion seeps into the dermis layer. Chemical peels offered at spas and salons are dangerous as they go layers deeper. I concluded facials, not micro peels are worth the money and you should exfoliate all the time when you are in the shower.

She didn’t get to answer my second half of my question about feeling dry, since there were other students wanting her attention, but I suspect it has to do with a chemical imbalance. Like when you are thirsty, your body is dehydrated and it has the mechanism to make your mouth dry to stimulate you to action. Maybe I will ask my Chemistry professor, this second question.

Inquisitively, even though there are a hundred students in my classes, 4 weeks in, my professors know me, and apparently some other students have taken note too. I was at the library and someone said to me, “you’re in my Tuesday lab”. I had to think about it and I wasn’t even sure I had Tuesday lab, but then I said, “I’m not sure”. He said, you’re in my class.

I remembered my strict tunnel vision, to stay focused in class and sit in the front rows, to avoid distraction and conversation. I made one a friend in Chem lab who is my chosen lab partner but I’m still trying to locate the smarties in my classes.

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