dirt, road, grass, mud

I have never been fast in any sport. I sort of have only one speed and a motivation to keep going, even if I am the last one. It is humbling, the ability to do the same distance as others, just without as much talent or grace.

After many months of waiting for the Salsa Vaya to come back in stock or the new 2016 version to arrive, the new version has arrived, but all the components have changed and I no longer like it. I envisioned taking trips in which I biked myself there.

Today I test rode, All City’s, Macho Man, a cyclocross bike. Cyclocross races, are like Tough Mudders (running races in mud) but for bikes. Tough Mudders were created for those people who became tired of marathons. They needed a new challenge. People race cross in a wide variety of terrain (dirt, road, grass, mud) and there are obstacles in your way, fallen trees/logs, etc. in which you have to dismount off your bike and jump back on, or you bunny hop over the object.

I am not ready for any riding of that sort, but I like the idea of moving from road to off road. In biking, there are many levels of identity, defined by what you ride. I suspect, I will turn into the girl with many bikes in the garage, but for now, it’ll be two. I’ll ride my cross bike every day as my commuter and then when I am ready to find the touring bike, I’ll start new adventures.

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