Let’s go Serena.

The guy next to me in spin class kept making sounds like a monster. Why exhale so nosily? Like you are breathing flames out to defend yourself. They should have post signs in class on etiquette. Don’t breath out like a monster. Exhale like a normal person, it’s not that hard. You are climbing an imaginary hill.  

September starts my renewed vow to get fit and strong, channeling my inner Serena Williams. I’m tired of this donut roll around my stomach. It’s extra weight I can’t get rid of unless I start training for something. My goal is to be fit by December. I’m planing to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, followed by volcano watching, hiking in cloud forests and maybe kayaking through a rainforest in Costa Rica.  
Join me, in my vow to be less fat, make better eating choices, drop the freshman 15 and get fit, together. Goal: Sept – Dec. – fit and strong, like Serena.  


  1. I was at tennis last week and the guy on the court next to me was making this sound like he was clearing phlegm every time he hit the ball! It was so gross it overshadowed the six pack he was showing off.


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