Matching socks

I had a mini meltdown this morning when I couldn’t find matching socks in my sock drawer. It’s only the second week of school but I was feeling stressed about our 1st lab quiz. I woke up thinking about terms marking bones (fissures, grooves, etc.). Along with not eating before going to bed, I am going to note, not studying directly before going to bed too.

During the quiz, I had the right answer but at the last moment changed it to the wrong answer and went from a 90 to 80. Sad. Aside from that, the quiz was straightforward and I had studied enough. Monday will be our first exam and I plan to organize my sock drawer beforehand.  

Other notes, I went to the financial aid office and I am not poor enough to qualify for any financial aid.  Apparently you cannot have any savings.  It is the same with welfare.  Technically I make the monthly minimum but because of assets I cannot qualify.  You need to have less than $2,000 in a bank account, which seems counterintuitive to me.  The government is encouraging a system to make less and not save.  If I had no savings and lived in constant fear of needing the next paycheck then I would be considered in poverty and receive FAFSA and Pell grants.  


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