Favorite organelles?

Why is it I remember some things and not others? I am sure, I took biology in 4th or 5th grade, again in 9th grade, so why is it I know absolutely nothing about biology and feel like I am learning it for the first time? And yet, I remember, one singular moment of memorizing all the last names of U.S. presidents in order, from the 5th grade.  

Cells are like houses. They are built with a frame around it and sometimes you need to open a door or window to let things pass in and out, say for example, the man who delivered your groceries. You would need to open the door for him. Cells have a wall around them, and they let certain things pass thru by the semipermeable membrane, opening the door is like facilitated diffusion, as opposed to the window which is another type of diffusion.  

I liked learning about the cell, if you imagine further, the cell is a city, and in the city there is a post office which sorts packages, which is also known as the golgi apparatus. The golgi sorts proteins and repackages them before they go to their different paths.  

I read, organelles attach to microtubules like ornaments hanging from the limbs of a Christmas tree.  

I watched a video about DNA, cell division. You have a pair of socks and you need to put them in two identical suitcases, so you need to replicate the socks for each suitcase to have a pair.  

In class, my professor asked, what is your favorite organelle? I didn’t have an answer initially but now after studying the chapter again, I do like the post office but I also like peroxisome. Peroxisomes act like waste removal, helping break down poisons that have entered the cell, like alcohol. They also play a role in removing toxic substances from the body and help break down long chains of fatty acids. Last semester, in nutrition class, my favorite mineral was zinc, now I have two favorite organelles.  

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