Grocery delivery

There isn’t even a stick of butter in the refrigerator. I even ate the green beans that were in the freezer. My food options at home were dwindling down to vegetable broth and baked beans. I didn’t like my options, struggling with deciding to grocery shop which is approximately a 2 hour affair: waiting for the bus, shopping and waiting on a check out line and waiting for the bus to return home. I don’t have two hours in my day or week to spare. Yesterday, I spent 8 hours working, 3.5 hours studying and it wasn’t enough. I went to class today feeling not as prepared as I could have been. The only solution is too put more time into studying. After much internal debate, I clicked a few buttons on my phone and grocery delivery was on it’s way. Today, I became one of those people that doesn’t have time to grocery shop and paid for someone else to do it. I am conflicted that I don’t have the time to do it, but in the end the $20 was worth the 2 hour savings. $20 over my normal grocery list went to the delivery fee, service charge and tip. But, now I have watermelon, peaches, salads, tofu and dumplings to eat at school. I don’t have to resort to the baked beans. Sometimes, I truly wonder how I made it this far in life, fending for myself.  

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