a little ambitious

In grade school, I am sure there is a report, where the teacher checks off, plays well with others. I think I am failing at that. We are almost done with week one at school and I am: 1. Not playing well with others and 2. Not here to play well with others. Tunnel vision.  
In anatomy lecture, which is still over 100 students with standing room. I suspect attendance will drop after our first quiz. All the students seated around me were exchanging names and phone numbers, introducing themselves. I had no interest in doing so. I only want to exchange contact information with someone I know takes good notes, not just a person who happens to sit next to me.  
Yesterday in chem lab, on our lab assignment, one question read: work with a few other people to answer this question… I went over to a few people who looked like they were working on the same question and starting telling them what to do.  In response to the group question, one of the girls said, that’s good enough. I said, no, it’s not good enough, because your grade is my grade and that’s not precise enough. I’m pretty sure she gave me a death stare or rolled her eyes or maybe a little bit of both. She may be here to pass the class but I need an A.  I learned from the last time I took chemistry, my reduction in graded assignments was due to my lab partner. I can choose poorly in a lab partner but make up for demanding more precise answers.  
In anatomy lab, I choose the deaf girl who has two adult signing interpreters as my table partner. Hopefully she can be my partner next week again too.  Even though she does not speak to me, she was really helpful and was more prepared than me, she brought the lab manual to class.

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