Rolling stop, worth $100-$300 ticket

Dear grown-ups:

What is the lifespan on towels and what store – does one go to buy new ones? Mine are not as fluffy as they once were and I think it’s time for new ones, although maybe they last longer than I think.


When in New York, I cross the street in the middle of the street, whenever there is no oncoming traffic. Technically crossing the street, not at the crosswalk is against the law, but every New Yorker does it, which does not make it right, just accepted. I typically do not cross in the middle of the street in other cities, because I can usually walk to the crosswalk conveniently.

Today, I received a citation while biking. It made me not want to ride my bike for a while, or maybe find a new route to school. I was cited for not coming to a full stop at a stop sign. A full stop is all wheels not in motion. A rolling stop, which is generally what I do, is when I am at a stop sign, I slow down, look both ways, checking for traffic, and prepared to yield or stop, and not violating anybody else’s right of way, I continue on, like crossing the street as a pedestrian.

There is an expectation that as a cyclist, you obey the same rules as if you were driving in a car. In practice it is difficult to do. The remaining bike ride home, I attempted to come to a full stop at every stop sign and, not only was it difficult to do, coming off of a hill (up or down), but it just didn’t make sense. I’m not advocating for a change, but, I am deeply frustrated about the ticket, which will be in $100-$300.

The police officers who pulled me over, said the last 5 citations were to cyclists. Don’t they have anything better to do during their day than hide behind a stop sign? They should be fighting crime or poverty. Why are we spending resources on ticketing cyclists? I’d like to know how many cyclists get into traffic accidents. Aren’t cars more responsible for traffic accidents with cyclists? Is the concern that I am skipping the stop sign when there is no other traffic that I will hit something?


  1. California must not have a yield on stop sign if there’s no traffic law. There are several states that have that law specifically for cyclists. Unfortunately, if we cyclists want respect on the road we have to obey every law as cars do (or should). Sorry to hear about your ticket.
    Ask Jeong about the towels.
    …and have fun in school.


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