Atlas holds up the skull

I want to apologize to my teacher, whoever taught me Latin in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. I no longer think it is useless and would like to remember Latin roots. It would help me in memorizing the parts of the body. Otherwise I just have to come up with stories, like C1, at the base of your skull, is the beginning of the spine/vertebral column. C1 stands for Cervical curvature (concave) and the Latin root for Cervic… means something like curve, which is probably why Cervix is named that as well.

C1 is also named Atlas and in Greek or Roman mythology? Atlas held up the world. Think of the statue that sits on 5th Avenue, near Rockefellar center in New York City, if you need an image in your mind. Atlas, like that statue, also holds up your skull. This is how I plan to memorize everything in Anatomy…. ugh, I am going to be here forever, coming up with this stuff.

C1-C7, T1-12, L1-5, are the different types of areas in the vertebral column, and my book says to remember 7 am, 12 pm, and 5 pm like meal times, so C7, T12, L5. Not sure if that technique works for me. It doesn’t seem to have any meaning.

Today in Anatomy lab, we discussed the spine and a few ribs for 3 hours. It was fun playing with the plastic models, kind of like legos, seeing which parts fit together. It seemed to be a light bulb moment when I was able to stack the C1 and C2 vertebraes together and they fit properly. Also, it was fun to see how the rib connects to the Thoraic vertebras. I was reminded of my friend, who recently broke his clavicle and likely bruised his ribs too during a bike accident. He posted x-ray of the broken bone on his instagram account and in my homework reading, we learned about which types of x-rays are important for seeing images for different areas of the body. I found it super interesting and overwhelming at the same time. I color coded my planner, and basically will have a quiz/exam every other week. It should not come as a surprise but still, it is a surprise.

Life will be not very exciting for the next few months, but in December, I have 4 weeks off before the spring semester. I was originally thinking about going to New York, but maybe, I’ll plan for something else instead. Anyone interested in traveling December 15-January 15, approximately, message me.

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