Earthquake as an alarm clock

I felt the earth shake at 6:50 am this morning for a few seconds and then I got up to brush my teeth to start the day. I wonder with all this preparedness if we are really prepared if there is a big earthquake. This one was a 4.0, originated across the Bay in Oakland, Piedmont.  —

I forgot how stressful starting school again would be. I received an email from my new Chem professor, saying he is our new professor, reassigned to this class. He included a link to his syllabus and homework due on Wed. Although I am disappointed to have a new professor that I did not research and select, I think I will get along with him. On the syllabus for Labor Day, no class, he wrote, Irony day.  
Summer school ended a few weeks ago and I had already forgotten the mental energy needed to prepare for school. I am feeling a little overwhelmed for tomorrow. I bought a new school bag, although not really for school, more like a new backpack to cycle to school. It is in Stormtrooper white, for reflectiveness, it is huge for carrying all my stuff like a messenger, and it has airvents to help be less sweaty. My bag contains: Pencil case, eye glasses, wallet, notebooks for two classes, sneakers for changing out of my bike shoes, bike lock, bike flat changing kit, bike pump, snacks, wet wipes, second t-shirt for changing out of sweaty one when I get to school.
Part of me thinks it would be a good idea to start reading the homework, but the other part of me thinks that is a ridiculous idea when the first official day is tomorrow. I think I will just watch John Oliver on HBO instead. 

I read an article in the NYT about a couple finding love and I found her thoughts similar to mine: 

“I had to be blunt because I didn’t want to waste my time,” “I have too many jobs, too many responsibilities, too much ambition, too many things I want to do in life. Either you’re on board for the journey, or you’re going to get left behind.”

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