Talkeenta, Alaska… Like Northern Exposure

Me: do you have availability tomorrow night for one person, traveling solo, staying one night?Her: yes. 

Me: ok, my name is…, I will be driving from Anchorage, arriving at midnight. Is that ok?

Her: yes, see you in the morning.

Me: wait, is there a lock or keycode to get in?

Her: no, just walk right in and take a bunk.

Me: great, see you in the morning.

She didn’t need my phone number, a reservation and there are no locks on the house. My kind of place. The hostel is friendly, towels or fluffy and the town is a charming. It was voted one of the nicest towns in Alaska. It has a bluegrass festival and has a very young, hip scene. The TV series Northern Exposure was based on this town. I might explore some tomorrow or drive straight to Denali. I’ve seen a lot of wildlife but no bears, moose or caribou yet.  

Photos: urban fishing in Anchorage, last view of Seward, a cruise ship leaving. 


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