Glacier Blue

On the breakfast menu in Anchorage, Alaska, at Bear Tooth Grill was reindeer sausage. I thought reindeer was a mythical creature, along with Santa Claus. I didn’t know people ate reindeer. I looked it up and reindeer looks like caribou, probably tastes the same.  

Kenai Fjords National Park, Exit Glacier looks like New York city after a snow storm. It’s nice for about a New York minute then looks dirty and polluted. True glacier blue though is beautiful. Here is what I read about glacier blue: “Ice and water molecules, because of their structure, absorb the colors of the light spectrum except for blue. The intensity of the blue depends on the amount of ice or water. Before snow compresses into glacial ice, it holds air that scatters light making it look white. When light penetrates into a large mass of glacial ice, the blue is deep.”  
Other fun facts: 

1867, secretary of state William Seward, town’s namesake, arranged the purchase of Alaska from Russia. Russia is actually not that far away.  
Moose antlers fall off seasonally. Photo, I asked a child (Skylar) to stand next to the moose antlers for sizing perspective. The antlers are really heavy and I can’t imagine that weight on my head.

Other photos: drive from Anchorage to Seward, flight to Anchorage, Exit Glacier


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