Bike mechanic school done

photo: Portland Central Library.  It reads, “Most of all remember this.  love you.”  

I would argue that peanut butter is a solid and not a liquid. Although I am not one to argue with a TSA agent. They already let me through security with a plane ticket with the wrong name and a duffle bag that likely should have been sent to checked luggage. I am not sure what I was typing when I entered my contact information but my name says Liane followed by II, in the middle. User error, typo. Obviously it does not match my driver’s license. Thanks JetBlue and PDX TSA security for letting me pass go.  
My duffle technically is the measurement of a carry on and it probably can be squished into the carry on display, but hauling 30 lbs through security is challenging and I have two zip locks bags of lotions, potions, and a regular size toothpaste 3/4 finished. I apparently wasn’t thinking at all when I packed. Hopefully I’ll use it all before the return flight.  

It was a great, productive week, 5 days, 40 clock hours of introduction to bicycle maintenance. I learned basic skills in wheel truing, derailleur adjustment, brake adjustment, maintenance, hub, headset, bottom bracket adjustment, overhaul and tune up procedures. Some of my new education may not stick but at least now I have a solid vocabulary. I can say I need a 1.1 mm shifter cable instead of the thing that connects the thing.  

My informational interview at OHSU was disappointing. I didn’t like meeting with the admission counselor. I think I was standing in her way and the weekend. I know one person should not cloud my judgement but I am thinking an accelerated Bachelors is not the right route for me, nor is Portland the place I want to be for the next few years. I will think about it some more.  

Onwards to Alaska.  

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