Carry on luggage


Photo: carry on backpack with helmet. Security guard at check in asked me what I ride.  I judge people by what they ride and I no longer want to claim I ride a carbon bike with 20,000 miles on it.  I want to say I ride a steel touring bike (but haven’t bought it yet).  It’s a different style.  It’s like saying you own a Audi vs a Subaru.  Maybe I can be both.  Maybe next time, I can say I ride a lot of bikes.  

My duffle bag weighed 30 lbs at the security check in. Granted, it is filled with some snacks for the week but those cannot weigh that much. I usually like to travel with my base camp duffle because my logic is you can only bring what you can carry but 30 lbs is a lot. I am thinking about making the transition to four wheeled carry on suitcase. I gave away my last carry on suitcase when I stopped working years ago. I have resisted for a long time, the thought of buying wheeled luggage. A duffle represents off road. It can be hauled through dirt, on the backs of animals. I’m not traveling that style this week but I still like the thought, prepared for an off road adventure.  
I packed hiking boots, slippers, and flip flops… Justifying each one. I was hesitant to pack the slippers but my airbnb host said to bring them in her instructions for the house.  I packed a rash guard, board shorts, and bathing suit for jumping in the river or the potential to kayak among glaciers.  

I brought my helmet and bike lights. The rental bike shop probably has those items to rent but mine are better. I am renting a bike to see what it might be like if I lived in Portland, biking to get around. I hear Portland is flat, looking forward to no hills for the week.  

I packed a small first aid kit, travel lantern/flashlight (for the car), warm hat, brimmed sun hat, and head lamp for hiking. I didn’t want to bring them but I felt it would be irresponsible to hike without them. Then various lotions and potions related to being outside: bug repellant, after sun aloe, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, after bite lotion. Not sure if any of these will be useful in Alaska but again, the girl scout in me wanted to be prepared.  

The remaining items are clothes. Perhaps I could have brought fewer clothes or been less prepared. I did not bring a water filter or knife but thought about it. I have no itinerary for Alaska yet except flying in and renting a car.  

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