Nurses by Alexandra Robbins

I first heard about this book, “nurses” in a podcast from the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC, NPR. I went to the library to retrieve it but was put on a waitlist. I read the book this week. It has not been since the days of Sweet Valley High that I have read about bullying and cliques.  
I’m not sure I want to enter a world of harassment, not safe work places and people not supporting your work. I am not willing to go thru hazing and bullying. I understand as the newest member of a staff, you need to earn respect and prove your knowledge but at what cost?  
The book was written with stories that sound like sororities, clubs that you need to buy in access. I want to go into nursing to be a contribution in society. I’d like to work on the front lines in countries that have Doctors without borders, or maybe the military or a flight nurse. In the immediate future, I thought an ER, critical care and maybe hospice work might be suiting to me, but this book is scary in it’s details of portraying the every day lives of nurses. People are mean and I don’t live in that world.  


  1. I haven’t read that book, but, from my experiences it’s not like that. There are/will be occasional people like that in any aspect of life, but, by and large, I haven’t seen that sort of thing occur on a grand scale.


  2. You could reach out to Vivian. She’s a full time nurse at a rehab center. She can give you some insight…


  3. Go find a person who is a real nurse and talk with them. Or, go on campus and talk with a couple of nurseing professor. As we both know there are good places to work which have good people and bad places. I’m sure you could find a good place because you are a good person. Don’t allow one book or story stop your forward movement.


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