I judge you when you use poor grammar

I stumbled across a picture book titled, “I judge you when you use poor grammar.” It is a picture book capturing signs with errors. The book validates my frustration and contempt for people who write with poor grammar, spelling and usage mistakes. It’s ok to write to a friend with typos but a first impression surely requires more attention. My greatest displeasure is from people who mistake “your” instead of “you are”. A message suggesting: your pretty, stunning or amazing, makes me want to throw up just a little bit. These daily emails to my inbox are from potential suitors. Words communicate intent. As the book states, “words are the foundation of our interaction with each other.” In response to the lack of love for the written word, I have amended my profile to include some thoughts on the use of adjectives. I reject any email that starts, hey, beautiful. I noted, I would rather be smart, talented, generous and kind.

I know it’s wrong and not nice to judge, I will try harder to have empathy, but it’s the story of my life, pressing delete.

The emails I received this week are:
“your from NYC, be my friend.”
“I was pulled over by a cop for texting. I showed him a picture of you, that I was messaging you, and he gave me off with a warning, only if I get your number.”
“you sound intense.”
“your stunning”
“what burrough are you from?” (*I’m not 100% it’s wrong, but I couldn’t deal with the antiquated usage. It reminds me of the word burrow, like a groundhog lives in a burrow, or the groundhog burrowing underground. Btw, I’m from Brooklyn. It’s a borough, but really a county, Kings county.)
“if you ever get serious about triathlons, look me up.”

On a date recently, the person ate pizza with a fork and knife. We weren’t eating deep dish. You don’t eat with utensils unless you want to be ridiculed like Mayor Bloomberg. I was so horrified I didn’t know what to do. I should have just gotten up and walked away. I should really work on my empathy skills, maybe I’ll start next week.

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