I sent a text message to my friend in the late afternoon, “I have a week off in August, do you have time to take off from work? I’m thinking Alaska.” She replied, “I can meet you there for a weekend.” By the evening, I had booked my ticket to Anchorage, Alaska from Portland, and although I will not attempt to summit Mt. Denali, I hope to be in the grace of it’s presence.

I sent her a reply in the evening, “See you in ANC on August 7.” How many of your friends do you speak with in airport codes?

I sent another friend a message, on the return flight thru SEA (Seattle). I have a layover and hope that she has the morning available to hang out with me at the airport.

After booking flights, I proceeded to post a message online looking for a person to sublet my room for 2 weeks to help offset my expenses. Instantly this evening, I received an email with a perfect match, someone looking to sublet an apartment for the same time I will be away. She needs 2 weeks before she can move into her new apartment. She sounds like a great girl, from Maine/Seattle, Master’s degree from NYU and loves the neighborhood, living by the park. I am continually grateful for all the stars aligning with my wishes and I continue to find creative ways to net zero.

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