Flights to anywhere

I’m exhausted to be me, sometimes. I really should seek therapy to deal with planning my overextended life. I have two more weeks of summer school, counting down the remaining exams and quizzes. I wish learning were not about grades. I understand the necessity of accountability but it feels like I would learn better under different circumstances.

Summer school ends at the end of July, then I have two weeks off until the fall semester. For one of those weeks, I’ve enrolled in bike mechanic school in Portland, OR. I’ve always wanted to explore that city. Everyone says I should like it, despite it’s lack of diversity. I have my reservations that it might be a little too hipster for me. Originally, my plan was to bike back from Portland to SF, but the bike I want to buy for bicycle touring is out of stock for 2015 and I have to wait for the 2016 models become available.

Option 2, I researched driving back down to SF with stops along the coast, however the cost of a rental car, one-way is cost prohibitive. Option 3, I am now researching, flights from Portland, SF, or Seattle to EVERYWHERE (all countries). Did you know there are websites that aggregate flights to anywhere?

One of the searches, I came up with Mexico, Guadalajara. I had to look on a map where Guadalajara was… for those of you who don’t know, it’s central west Mexico. I don’t really want to spend the week in sunny Mexico, so I searched again and found something interesting. If I figure out how to get to Seattle inexpensively, likely a ride share, or a bus, get to the airport in Seattle Friday night after bike class, I will fly one-way to Anchorage, Alaska. I enjoy one-way tickets. I have always wanted to go to Alaska. I can spend the week there, and fly one-way back to SF. It’ll be great.

August 17, the fall semester starts, Chemistry with lab, Human Anatomy with lab, and 4 full Saturday prep sessions for the GRE, followed by the GRE exam on the 5th Saturday and applying to one graduate school for Nursing. Other nursing school applications will have to wait until after Fall/Spring semester course work is completed. My fall class schedule is M, T, W, F; Thursday, Friday, Sun., work; and Sat. GRE prep. Again, no days off. It’ll be a whole year of no days off.


  1. Stupid question, but why do you need the GRE for nursing school? Isn’t that something nurses do after they’ve been nursing a while and want to go into admin instead of seeing patients?


    1. I’m applying to graduate school, not undergraduate. The nursing programs I am applying to are for people with Bachelor’s degrees already.

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