Turtle power

I look like a turtle, or at least feel like one. My backpack is heavy, filled with books, shoes, clothes, snacks, and my bike lock. I made a pact with myself to get more exercise to counter the sitting factor. Last semester, I sat a lot. I sat in class, I sat in the library, I seemed to be sitting more hours than sleeping. I felt guilty that when I wanted to go to the gym it was taking time away from studying.

I’ve corrected that mentality this summer semester by biking 4 miles each way with an elevation gain about 450 ft. which means a few big hills to climb both ways. I get to school fairly sweaty (which is why I have extra clothes to change into).

I would love a new bike with panniers, so I don’t have to carry the weight on my back and it can be stored on the bike. But, the bike I want, is sold out for 2015… I have to wait until the fall for the 2016 models to arrive.

Two days into school and it’s going to be a long summer semester. Summer is intensive, because it’s only 6 weeks. The amount of work is doubled and the pace is incredibly fast. I sit in class from 10-1 (3 hours!), 5 days a week – that’s 15 hours of class time math, let alone homework. In my online Psychology class we read a chapter every 2 days with online discussion homework and quizzes/exams in between. Online class seems almost as intense as the in person math class. I feel a little over my head with only 2 classes.

I looked at the course pathway for Medical school, if I were to continue to take the pre-req’s at City College it would be 3 years and an Associates Degree in the Biological Sciences. 3 more years of school at CCSF before I can apply to Medical School, then 4 years at Medical School and 3-4 years of residency. I can get over the idea of $150,000 debt. I can get over the idea of being in school for the next decade, but I can’t get over biking to school every day like a turtle for the next 3 years, including summers.

I’m sticking to nursing school, one more year of pre-req’s, then next summer I’m taking 2-3 months to travel thru Europe or Central/South America. Feel free to join me if you also are taking the summer off.

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