Pt. Reyes camping weekend

Photos from the weekend: banana slug crossing the road, Alamere Falls, Point Reyes National Seashore, National Park.

I came home from guiding a camping trip this weekend to reorganize my gear closet and my go-bag. During the weekend, a discussion about the contents of a go bag entered the conversation and after the talk, I realized he is way better prepared than I am. If you are wondering a go bag, especially for Californian’s is a bag that you prepare, leave by the door, should you need to leave in an emergency. An emergency, like an earthquake, fire, etc. You are probably thinking, I have been watching too many “San Andreas” earthquake movies, but after the recent earthquakes in Nepal, I think it is practical to have a go bag.

In my go-bag you have your regular emergency stuff – change of clothes, warm clothes, rain jacket, headlamp, money, id, medicine, first aid, bug repellent, food/snacks/water, toiletries, but then you up it to another level, but adding, water filtration and camping equipment. It’s likely that shelters will be overcrowded or not available, and many people might be put in open spaces, like fields. I had not originally thought about having a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag in my go bag, but after our chat, it makes good sense to put this equipment by the door.

Not surprisingly, I had this extra equipment in my gear closet. My favorite tent of 10+ years, which needed to retire or get new poles, has been re-purposed for the emergency bag. The bag which trekked all over Asia with me now holds all this gear.

He also recommended putting many $1 bills instead of larger denominations in the bag. You’ll be able to pay for things better with $1 instead of $20 since likely no one will have any change. And, he has a permanent sleeping bag and small kit in his car at all times. If you’re wondering, this was my fellow guide on the trip, so he’s always prepared to lead.

It is nice to know I am not the only person who has thought about emergency management.


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