Wicked Wednesday

Wicked Wednesday was the theme of massage tent. Someone asked me where was my harness? I wasn’t sure how to respond and said I didn’t have one. They paused, disappointed by my response, then said, well, I brought mine.  
Photos, scenes from camp on Wednesday.  
Tomorrow, Thursday is red dress day. I’m not exactly sure what red dress day means or its origins, but everyone dresses in a red dress. I only brought with me a red tutu, since I thought I would be wearing a red medical shirt and pants. Everyone said that won’t do. Patrick, on my medical team, gave me a red dress. He said we (his husband and himself) brought extras in case someone didn’t have one. I’m not sure how I feel about accepting a red dress from a gay man or that they own so many red dresses but I will be wearing a red dress tomorrow, along maybe with the tutu.    


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