Halfway to LA

  Someone said, we need 5 strong men and 2 lesbians. It was in reference to lifting some tables.  Another comment, that lesbian is more of a man than I will ever be. In reference to driving a 20″ truck.  

This is a safe space for so many people but there are still so many power, class and race differences. On more than one occasion, someone has said to me, aren’t you the EMT or the girl with the sister? I say, no, that’s the other Asian girl on medical. There are only two of us, out of a team of 40-50 ish and people confuse us.  
Last night, I fell asleep to the scene where Ursula starts singing and Ariel trades her voice. After that scene, I heard nothing and was asleep until 4:30 am. I don’t even know if the movie kept playing. Someone said my superhero power is to sleep on demand. I’ve said maybe 5 words to my tent-mate, usually hello and goodnight. I’ve made 2 buddies, not surprising, it’s the other 2 straight girls of color, then the older lesbians doctors.  
My favorite mineral continues to be zinc. We combine zinc oxide with a few other chemicals to make a sunblock, healing ointment that people apply to their lips. It’s 100% sunblock, making people look slightly ridiculous with white lips. People really should have just used lip balm with spf from day 1. 
I wish I thought better about what to bring. I kind of thought I was camping and 2 pairs of pants would be sufficient. I did not consider I would be surrounded by fabulously dressed men and women. I should have brought red tights to match the red med shirts. I should have brought cute tights and socks like the doctor who wore Star Wars tights. I could have brought a wig for fun. So many choices and thoughts for a better dressed experience next year.  

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