Day 3 – quad busters

  Every day, each rest stop dresses in themes.  Today, I saw some witches running across the road, while some Hawaiian hula skirted individuals in coconut cup cones passed out water.  Rest stop 2 was Cher the Road, see photo. The massage tent was Pixar/Disney.  I was thinking if I were to dress like a Disney character, instead of a princess, I would want to be of the Lion King with a giant mane.  Random, I know but it was the first movie that came to mind.  Someone replied to me and said, there is nothing random about ALC.  

I heard rest stop 4 usually provides entertainment and performances.  Tonight as I go to bed in my tent, I hear the movie night playing, it is the Little Mermaid.  I don’t even need to watch the movie and can follow along the scenes in my head.  
I also overheard some veteran riders asked by a newbie, do you ever princess it?  They said, “no. We slum it. Part of the experience is camping with everyone.”  I smiled when I heard that, ALC is hardly slumming it.  

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