Day 1 – Sf-Santa Cruz

Some have described this event as gay summer camp, amongst straight allies and partners. I would say that is a fairly accurate description.  There are many beautiful gay men to swoon over.

Opening ceremonies at Cow Palace (giant convention center in Daly City was moving). Each person in the arena was asked to hold hands when there was a moment of silence in remembrance of those honored friends and partners. Each cyclist was required to raise $3,000 to ride in support of HIV/AIDS awareness and services. 3000+ cyclists and roadies (volunteers) raised $16 million which will all stay in the state of California, supporting the SF AIDS foundation and the LA LGBT center.  

After the cyclists began their 80 mile ride from SF-Santa Cruz, we stopped by the Pacific Grove Mall/downtown Santa Cruz for breakfast and to pick up a few supplies. We set up camp, which is a major operation, with professional caters and event staff setting up tents.  

Day 1 was low key as far as medical is concerned. A few participants went to the ER. I met my first participant with HIV/AIDS who needed assistance. I helped with triage and observed doctors caring for patients. I saw how helping a patient is a team effort with a nurse, provider and a pharmacist. Other medical personnel, massage, sports medicine and chiro have their own tents. 

I was able to speak with doctors one on one about their practice and it was a really good day.

Today is a 100 mile day so we expect to be a lot busier today with people dehydrated, tired and under trained.  There have been a few great costumes.  I saw a dinosaur onesie, and the massage tent theme yesterday was superheroes.  A girl had a superwoman apron.  Genius.  


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